Why Bloggers Should Outsource Pinterest Management?

Apr 25, 2020

Why have I felt the need to write about Pinterest management and outsourcing Pinterest management services when this blog is just a few months old?

Why I am posting about something I was completely unfamiliar with (and scared of) until last few months.

That’s because I want to see all struggling new bloggers of most niches and small business owners taste the same level of success, which I have tasted with Pinterest.

outsource Pinterest management


To understand my struggle, you must read my story first.

I have started this blog in late March 2020 and before that, I knew nothing about Pinterest. I have visited the platform a few times but always pulled my self out of it.

The Pinterest user interface had always looked so odd, confusing and mysterious to me and I thought it’s only about home decor, food recipes and DIY crafts.

I could never get what a pin is (and why it’s even called a PIN when it is clearly rectangular). Repin, Saves, Tried, Boards, Board groups, Board Sections were sounded very alien.

When I started blogging, the plan I had in my mind was I will keep writing SEO optimized posts, will do outreach for guest blogging and link building and sit back and wait for at least 6 months to 1 year to start getting traffic to my website. Any monetization needs traffic and that means no money in the first year.

Though it was long as I have made up my mind for it so I was good to go.

But one month into the blogging journey I somehow realized the importance of Pinterest. I came across many many blogs about how people skyrocketed their traffic with Pinterest only in few months.

The blogs I have read and the tutorials I have watched have somehow convinced me that I should give Pinterest and Tailwind a try. At first, it seemed so complicated to me that I wanted to quit.

But then slowly, I learned, implemented and yes saw results immediately. I started getting organic traffic to my few hours old blog posts….. which is impossible with Google.


Here are a few numbers and facts which convinced me to give it a try.

  • Pinterest is NOT a Social Media Platform. It is a visual search engine.
  • Pinterest is the second-largest driver of traffic from social sites (next only to Facebook).
  • It has over 300 million active monthly users
  • 60% of active users are likely to search and browse on Pinterest than browse catalogues.
  • 93% of active users said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases.
  • 50% of new sign-ups in 2018 were men
  • 80% of new sign-ups are from outside the US (lots of international growth)

So as marketers, it’s one of the best places to put your content or products. Why? Because Pinterest users aren’t brand loyal. Over 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded. This means everyone has a chance to get the sale, grow their email list or convert a new reader.

However, because of this mysterious odd platform, bloggers (like me) are often confused by how it works and lack the patience to invest the time to get the results.

What I understood was Pinterest is not like Google (thankfully). Getting traffic from Pinterest has nothing to do with your

  • Domain Authority,
  • The total number of backlinks,
  • The word count of the blog post and
  • How long the article has been published.

If the Pinterest account is new, you are equal in the eyes of Pinterest whether your website has a DA of 95 or 01. (Believe me)

It is all about understanding Pinterest Graphics & Pinterest SEO, both for your pins and your boards. The more helpful your content is and the more you share other people content on your boards the more you rank higher in Pinterest search results.

Yes, Pinterest is about helping each other to rank higher. It’s not about pulling yourself up in google ranking while pushing others down. (This is what we do on Google)

The more you help others in getting found, the more traffic you will get and your content is more likely to be get found by your readers.

Yes, Pinterest is slow but it is faster than Google. It takes at least 3- 6 months to get any measurable results.

New websites can easily immediately see traffic growth with proper Pinterest strategy.

Long story short, I read almost every blog and exhausted almost all YouTube video tutorials about Pinterest and Tailwind and decided to experiment with everything I have learned on my blog first.

I have made my Pinterest account somewhere in Nov 2019 when I was trying to get my feet into affiliate marketing. And it frightened me so much that I never looked back till March 2020.

When I checked my account 6 months later it has 1 pin, 0 followers and 6 monthly unique viewers.

I think it’s a lot with just one pin and leaving aside the account for 6 months.

By then I have written just 3,4 posts and had limited resources.

Scheduling tools are a must for Pinterest marketing. Every blogger was bragging about Tailwind. So to give Tailwind’s Trial version a try (it allows 100 pins for free and no credit card is required), I designed 20,30 pins (10 pins for each post) and scheduled using Tailwind and……….

No, it’s not crickets. The next day I woke up I had 1 new follower,16 monthly unique viewers and 6 links click to my website. And I don’t even blog about home decor, recipes and DIY crafts.

Is it possible for a new blog post, which is not even ranking anywhere in first 50 results on Google (MOZ told me that) to get 6 link clicks without using any other social media platform??????

That first follower who followed my account had pretty established Pinterest presence with 82 boards, 692 followers and 180.8 K monthly unique viewers and over 3000 pins from the same niche.

Does it happen on Google? Have you ever heard of a higher ranking website backlinks to a brand new website without you asking? Believe it or not, it happens on Pinterest.

That was the day I got hooked to Pinterest and Tailwind.

Here are my first-month statistics both from my Pinterest Business Account. It was the month I was learning both Pinterest and Tailwind as well as implementing, so it was all trial and error. What I had on my plate was

  • ·   Brand new blog,
  • ·   Brand new website,
  • ·   Brand new Pinterest business account,
  • ·   Domain authority 01,
  • ·   Backlinks 0
  • ·   None of my blog post was ranking in the top 50 results in Google
  • ·   And a lot of passion and will to prove that I can also grow through Pinterest.


Screenshot of Pinterest Analytics May 20: outsource pinterest


This performance gave me hope that I can help other bloggers to achieve what I have achieved in a similar or shorter span of time. (I will keep updating my analytics)

In this post I have tried to explain why giving Pinterest a try is absolutely essential for every blogger and how outsourcing the management of your Pinterest account can give you time for a lot of other things.

Below are answers to a few important questions which can come to the mind of any blogger, podcaster, online course creator, e-commerce store owner, affiliate marketer before deciding to hire a Pinterest manager.

So let’s get started.


Pinterest is a number one visual search engine and AND it’s said to be the 3rd largest search engine right after Google and YouTube.

As of 2020, it has over 320 million active monthly users.

According to Neil Patel, Shareaholic published a study that showed Pinterest as the #2 social media traffic referrer behind only Facebook driving more than 5x as much traffic as many referrers as Twitter.

Data published in January last year found that 28% of global marketers are already using Pinterest for promotion.

Facebook and Instagram drive the least amount of visitors per 100 followers. Pinterest drives the most followed by LinkedIn and YouTube.

So if you want to have more traffic to your site, and your website is getting less than 1 million views per month from all other sources, I recommend that you should include Pinterest in your marketing strategies.

I am an introvert. I dread reaching out for guest posting and building backlinks when I have a website with DA 01 and nothing to prove.

The best thing about Pinterest is that it keeps you hidden if you want to and brings you the same amount of traffic as any other new website can gain by guest blogging and backlink building.

Pinterest is a place for people like me and I am happy that I have found it early in my blogging journey.


As I have mentioned earlier Pinterest is a search engine like google. Once you submit a pin about any of your blogs it gets added to the Pinterest directory and once your content takes hold on the platform, it snowballs and brings traffic for months, even years to come.


Yes, absolutely, Pinterest is nowadays working for almost every niche

Our services are best for those who are ready to get their hands off daily pinning so they can focus back on creating content or products for their loyal fans.

In your business, you may be lacking the knowledge around how to market on Pinterest, the patience to put in the consistent time, and understanding about what works on the platform.

This is where I can help!

I have educated myself in the best possible way on the current Pinterest best practices and how to optimize pinning for maximum results.


Pinterest Managers or virtual assistants can do a whole variety of Pinterest Management Tasks.


A Pinterest manager can offer the following services to its clients.

  • Auditing/Providing Feedback on Pinterest Accounts
  • Converting to business accounts/Enabling Rich pins/Website Optimization for Pinterest
  • Pinterest Profile Cleanup and Optimization
  • Creating and Implementing a Pinterest Strategy
  • Save you tons of time by creating eye-catching Pin Graphics
  • Conducting Pinterest Keyword Research
  • Pin Scheduling
  • Pinning
  • Curating Content for Our Clients readership
  • Set up a strategy to increase your followers so that your content gets in front of as many people as possible
  • Joining group boards and tribes so your content gets in front of even more eyes.
  • Monitoring the results of your pins and account activity
  • Pinterest Consulting and Coaching and more.


You should hire a Pinterest manager if,

  • You want to increase your website traffic and grow your reach.
  • Get more people repining your content and more link clicks to your website (all organically).
  • You have at least 5 published blog post on your blog.
  • You want to save time and get your hands off pinning.
  • You’re using Pinterest but aren’t seeing results.
  • You don’t have a marketing strategy in place.
  • You need to focus on other things.
  • You can’t handle managing another platform.
  • You need a passive way to market that doesn’t take more time.
  • I am here to help you with these challenges.  


  • The extent of services: While hiring a Pinterest manager you can choose to partial services or full management packages depending on your needs and goals you want to hit through Pinterest and the budget you have on the table for Pinterest marketing.
  • Content to Update: If you have an already existing Pinterest account with some activity you might like to update/clean up the content with the help of your Pinterest manager.
  • Budget: Of course no competent and (wise) Pinterest manager will work for you for free. He/ she can charge anywhere between $500 to $1500 per month depending on the services you have chosen and his/her experience level.


If you want me to work with you as a Pinterest manager, I start with interviewing about your website and Pinterest account current standing. I will look into your website’s Google analytics and discuss with you the goals that you want to hit through Pinterest

After we have agreed upon on the budget, received the payment and the contract has been signed, I get into implementing my Pinterest strategy specially designed for your business.

Getting onto Pinterest requires a little homework and research. Designing Pinterest graphics is itself a time taking task.

So it takes me a week to 10 days after signing of the contract to start adding things to your Pinterest account and that day is considered as Day 1 of your journey with me. 🙂


Is there a minimum and maximum time you recommend to use your service for?

Yes — at least 6 months. Pinterest is a very slow-moving platform and it can take a few months to really get things moving. A six-month window allows us to find out what works and doesn’t work for you.

Is a website necessary for Pinterest management?

Yes, to deliver measurable results a website is a vital component in Pinterest management.

Do you create images/pins as well?

Yes, we do. But we charge separately

How do you choose what posts to pin?  Is it just based on research and knowing my brand?

When you start services, you will complete a full branding form that informs us about your brand in detail. Then we request read and analyze access to your Google Analytics.

This allows us to see which pins are bringing the most traffic to your site. We will also inquire as to products that are top sellers and how to increase exposure to generate more conversions.

Do you require a contract?

We require a minimum 3-month contract with a 30-day termination notice.


Hopefully, the answers above have fulfilled your intent to know about the importance of having a Pinterest strategy in place to grow your business and the role of a Pinterest manager to achieve that for you.

So are you ready to give your business a blasting growth????

Feel Free to shoot me an email at [email protected]

or fill out the form at the end of this post and I will get back to get within 2-3 business days.

Because I will be PERSONALLY managing your Pinterest account, there are a very limited number of spots available. so don’t wait.  Just write to me at the email above if you still have any query or want to talk about my Pinterest management services. 

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