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Jun 8, 2020

When you look up the internet for content writing services, you are bombarded with lots of options from freelancing platforms to pay as you go content writing services to fully managed content service providers.

You usually come up with two options either hire a freelancer or outsource to some content writing services or agencies.

I have seen a lot of people struggle with the content creation for their websites. They look here and there for the writers, get scammed, lose their money, and don’t get up to the mark writings.

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Content is the king as it builds authority, trust and awareness about your brand, brings traffic to your website, grows your email list and improve conversions. But it takes a lot of time and brains to craft a good quality piece of writing which people would like to read.

That’s why outsourcing content creation is the best option if you have some budget as it will free up a lot of your time and you will be able to focus on other important matters of your business.

The purpose of writing this article is to provide you with the details of some famous freelancing platforms and top-notch affordable content writing services.

I have covered how you can test and vet out a writer from a pool of freelancers in FAQ section so that you can have a person or agency who understands your writing style and can act as a long term team member.

Some of these companies provide managed services that means they will create and publish content on your behalfs like Writer Access, Express Writers and Verblio.


Freelance Writers Or Content Writing Agency: What To Choose?


Both options have their pros and cons. That depends on your choice, need and circumstances. Usually, there are five factors which influence your choice.

1- Budget: Individual freelancers charge less than full-service agencies and you can negotiate the price with them but you have to vet out writer on your own. On the other hand, agencies have screened pool of writers and they automatically connect you with the best content creator as per your need.

2- Time: Freelance writers have faster turnaround times as compared to agencies as agencies have to follow a protocol from placing an order to allotting you to a writer to content delivery. Though some content creation services promise you to deliver content in as low as 24 hrs after order confirmation.

3- Long Term Partnership: Content creation companies are better than freelancers as they have established online presences in the form of websites and social media profiles with proper contact details. Freelance writers are independent and may get vanished suddenly for one reason or other, costing you time and money.


Content Creation Services: Freelancing Platforms:


Some famous freelancing platforms are Fiverr, Upwork and Problogger. These sites have thousands of freelancers with detailed profiles. There are two ways to find a writer over there.

You are required to place a job posting about the content you want to be created. Interested writers will send you proposals and then you can pick the one you like.

Or you can directly contact the writer based on their profiles and their published work and can ask them to work for you.

Payments are made after the order is received through the respective platforms. These platforms cut a small amount of commission as service charges.


1- Fiverr

Fiverr logo: Content writing services


Fiverr is one of the largest platforms with thousands of freelancers, where you can post a Buyer Request for free or communicate with the freelancer on your own after reviewing their portfolio and rating.

Any freelancer can apply to buyer request for free so it is difficult to control the quality of job requests you receive on your posting as every freelancer is free to apply.

Fiverr provides you insights about freelancers previous performance with other clients through parameters like “Completed orders”, “Orders in queue” and “Ratings”.

There is one caveat that the highest-rated freelancers at Fiverr are usually very busy. They have multiple orders in the queue and can be expensive as well. The order turnaround time might be longer as they are occupied.

So you can give a chance to new freelancer by testing them out. How to test and vet out a writer? We have discussed this in detail at the end of this article.

Pricing: Prices are fixed, there are no hourly rates. The freelancer will charge you according to the price mentioned on his gig.

Website: www.fiverr.com


2- Upwork

content writing services : Upwork logo


Upwork is another big pool of freelancers. It free to post a job but freelancers are required to buy a currency called “Connects” to apply for a job posting.

The quality of job proposals received on any job request is higher than Fiverr as the candidate who is applying for the job is paying to send you a proposal whether he gets hired or not.

You can search the freelancer according to your need and can invite them for interview directly to your job posting.

Services: Virtually every type of content creator can be found at Upwork.

Pricing: Pricing has to be mentioned in the job posting. It can be either fixed or hourly rates. Applicants can also bid on the job posting about the pricing in their job proposals.

Website: www.upwork.com 

3- Problogger:


Problogger logo: content creation services


Run by renowned blogger Darren Rowse, since 2004, ProBlogger has been the home for bloggers wanting to create and grow their blogs, and then go professional to make money blogging.

They have got over 8,000 posts with blogging advices, tips, and in-depth tutorials alongside the latest blogging trends.

Problogger charges $70 to post a job. So the jobs posted are legit and not a scam.

Any blogger can make their account and apply to the job posting.

Website: www.problogger.com


Content Writing Services: Full-Service Agencies:


These services have thousands of prescreened writers. This removes the burden of testing and vetting out writers your self thus saving time but can cost you a bit more money.

I have briefly described the services, pricing plans and contact details of content creation agencies working for customers around the globe producing almost any piece of content you can think of.


4- Content Cucumber

Content cucumbers logo: content writing services


One of the best and highly recommended content writing service.

Content Cucumber is recommended by us as you can get as much content as you want to be written every month for one monthly flat fee. They offer an excellent one on one customer support and have a friendly website user interface.

Services: The most common requests they receive are for blogs and email newsletters. Though they can provide any content on demand.

Pricing: They have a single monthly subscription of $490. You can get as much content as you want in this subscription fee.


content cucumbers pricing plan: content writing services


Phone number: 317-629-0389

Website: www.contentcucumber.com

5- Scripted

Scripted logo: content writing services

Scripted is a content writing service as well as a freelancing platform. Where you can request any piece of content, select your own writers and pay only for the content you love.

Scripted is a marketplace for writers, and they will connect you directly with your writer to execute your vision.

This company has been trusted by many renowned companies like LinkedIn, Event Brite, Loreal etc.


The list of content they offer at Scripted is as follows

  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Webpages
  • Product descriptions
  • Newsletter
  • Video scripts
  • Social media posts
  • Content tune-ups
  • Custom projects

Pricing: Scripted has four pricing plans.

Their basic plan starts from $149 per month and the plan for enterprise and agencies can cost around $2500 per month. All plans come with a 30-day free trial.


Phone number:1 (866) 501-3116

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.scripted.com

6- Textbroker


Text broker logo


Whether you need captivating blog posts, straightforward product descriptions or snappy advertising copy, Text Broker’s online platform has thousands of reliable, verified US authors who write articles that are optimized for search engines.

Over 80,000 satisfied clients worldwide with 10 million custom orders processed, they are trusted by companies like eBay, Yoast, Searchmetrics etc.

Scripted has qualified native speakers and writers in 36 languages. They also have an amazing blog about content marketing.

Services: They provide writing services on any topic from technical blog posts to social media content to product descriptions.


There is no monthly fee at Textbroker. You determine the quality and length of your article and only pay for what you order. You can sign up for Free.


Phone: (702) 534-3832

E-mail: [email protected]



7- Iwriter 


Iwriter logo: content writing services


Based in US Iwriter has over 1,13,000 screened freelance writers in their pool with 7,890,780 articles written to date.


They can write any type of custom content, include articles, articles rewrites, blog posts, product descriptions etc


Iwriter has four plans. Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite plus. You are charged per word. For every 150 words, you can be charged from $1.40 to $13 depending upon the plan you have chosen. No monthly payments. Pay as you go.


You can contact Iwriter through their Contact Us page

Website: www.iwriter.com


8- Constant Content


Constant content logo: content writing services

 Constant Content has 100,000 expert writers with 50,000 businesses served. They hand-edit every new piece of content they write.

One unique thing about them is that they have a ready-made pool of over 100K articles from where you can directly purchase any post you like and don’t have to wait at all to get your article written.

Constant content is trusted by Uber, Sears, Walgreens etc

Services: Constant content will draft any content for you. There most requested content includes product and category pages, blog post and e-books.

Pricing: Already written articles range anywhere from $10 and onwards. Constant content does not have any pricing packages. Pay as you go.

Contact: Constant Content can be contacted through their Contact Us page

Website: www.constant-content.com 

9- Writer Access


Writer Access Logo: content writing services

Writer access has a pool of 16000 screened freelancers. It has been trusted by 39,000 brands and 1000 plus agencies.

Some famous brands include 3M, Microsoft, Samsonite.

Writer Access possesses an AI-powered search which helps you find writers with the exact tone and style you need, to better connect with your audience and boost traffic and revenue.

Services: Any type of content. You can request a demo as well.

Pricing: It has 14 days of free trial for all packages. You need to buy a monthly membership and you have to pay for the content separately. Membership ranges from $39 per month for the basic plan to $99 per month for the premium plan.

Contact: Writer Access can be contacted through their Contact Us page.

Website: www.writeraccess.com


10- Crowd Content

Crowd Content logo: content writing services


Crowd Content promises a fast turn around i.e. to complete most of your orders within 24 hours. It is trusted by over 6000 clients including WordPress, 3M, Home advisor.

It has a pool of 5000+ US-based writers and over 100 million words have been written till date.


  • Article Writing
  • Blog Posts
  • Copy Editing Services
  • Copywriting
  • eBooks
  • Facebook Posts
  • Ghostwriting
  • Local SEO City Pages
  • Metadata
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Product Descriptions
  • Review Writing
  • SEO Content
  • Technical Writing
  • Tweets
  • Website Content
  • White Papers

Pricing: It has a pricing calculator where you can enter the type of content you want, the level of quality of writing (it has 4 levels) and the word count and it will calculate the cost for you.

A basic 1000 words post can cost you from $22 to $120 depending upon the quality level.


Crowd content: pricing calculator


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-888-983-3103



11- Article Writing Company


Article Writing Company Logo: content writing services


Article writing company is trusted by over 2500 companies including Shopify, Get Response, Oberlo, Crazy Egg, LegalZoom, Wishpond etc

Services: They can create anything for you from blog posts to email sequences to web copy to the product description and social media content.

Pricing: It has a built-in pricing calculator. A basic 1000 word article will cost you $100 at a minimum.


Article Writing company pricing page


Email: [email protected]

Phone number:1.888.325.8570

Website: www.article-writing.co


12- Zerys


Content creation service: Zerys logo


According to Zerys it is

A simple, powerful, award-winning content planning and production platform.

It allows you to plan your content, find top writing talent, and create custom, optimized blogs, white papers, and ebooks your readers will want to click, read, and share!”

You can schedule a free consultation as well.

Services: All type of content on demand.

Pricing: Zerys also has a pricing calculator that helps you calculate your rates and decide.


Zerys pricing calculator

Contact: Zerys can be contacted through the Contact Us form.

Website: www.zerys.com


13- Verblio

Verblio logo


Verblio has over 3000 + US-based writers which are vetted through the rigorous testing process. They have diverse professional backgrounds to serve a variety of niches.

They can handle a large amount of content in a short amount of time. If you want 100 pieces of content per month they can handle it as well.

They will provide you with a free onboarding tour about their platform and how it works.

Services: Verblio is selective in its services. 


  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Website Content
  • White Papers
  • Video
  • Ebooks
  • Pillar Content
  • Content Clusters
  • Revamp Your Content
  • Product Category Pages
  • Product Descriptions


  • Social Media
  • Case Studies
  • Email Campaigns
  • HR Manuals
  • Jumbotron Text
  • Term Papers

Pricing: Verblio has a very elaborate pricing page. Other than the text posts you can add videos and original photographs for an extra small fee.

A 1000 word blog post will cost $119 minimum.

Verblio pricing calculator

Contact: Verblio can be contacted by their Contact Us page

Website: www.verblio.com


14-Content Writers


Content writer logo


Content Writers is another trusted name. Their clients include Legal Zoom, Expedia, Adobe, CNET, Forbes.

Services: Any type of content. They offer custom options for agencies, publishers, enterprises and e-commerce.

Pricing: They provide both self-service and managed services. For the price of content, you have to communicate with their team here.


Email:[email protected]

Phone Number:212-235-1103, 800-891-0553

Website: www.contentwriters.com


15- Content Scribblers


Content scribblers logo


Content Scribblers aims at providing professional and affordable content writing services on a global level.

Offering a unique blend of technical, creative and qualified content writers, we guarantee customer satisfaction through our professional writing services.

Services: They provide all kind of custom writing services.

Some unique services by Content Scribblers include,

  • Memo writing,
  • Screenwriting,
  • Wikipedia writing,
  • Resumes and cover letters.

Pricing: You have to fill an order form to get the pricing quote.


Customer Support: +1 (585) 800 9856, [email protected]

Admin Support: [email protected]

Website: www.contentscribblers.com


16- Godot – Cheapest Content Writing Service

Godot Media - Content Writing Services

Godot has satisfied over 10,000 plus clients and is trusted by big brands AES International, ING, Slidely etc

Services: They provide services like article, blog, copywriting, ebook, Social media, SEO, content marketing and product description

Pricing: Cheapest of the blog writing service I have found where you can get a professionally written 1000 word blog post in $13.

Contact: Godot media can be contacted through their Contact Us page.

Website: www.godotmedia.com


17- Express Writers

Express Writers logo

Express Writers has been founded in 2011, their near-decade presence in the industry has been sustained and grown through content.

Express Writers is tough on writers. Its team of expert writers are individually matched up to your projects by your content manager, and quality standards are upheld at all times.

Express writer has served 5000 plus clients till date.

They are trusted by big clients like BuzzSumo and Marketing Labs

Services: All kind of content on demand

Pricing: We have added the pricing table from Express writers. Click the image to go straight to the pricing page


Express Writers Pricing Calculator

Contact: Express writers can be contacted through their Contact Us page. They provide both email and chat support

Website: www.expresswriters.com


18- Contently

Contently logo

Contently has been trusted by big brands like Marriot, Google, Dell and Walmart. They will provide all services from planning your content strategy to writing and editing content for you.

They even provide account management services.

Contently has an excellent blog which is worth reading both for the content strategist and the freelancers and has some very good resources in the form of ebooks.


Contently satisfied customers statistics

Services: A full-suite of content strategy services to help you get buy-in, align your teams, and discover what your audience wants at every stage of the customer journey.

Pricing: They do not have any pricing page. You have to request a content consultation through their contact us page.

Contact: Contently can be reached at Contact Us page

Website: www.contently.com


19- Writology



Writology.com is a platform combining a freelance writing marketplace and a professional writing service.

Before making this service available in 2010, they had over a decade of experience providing custom writing services in almost any field imaginable.

They have created a platform that would allow every customer to find what he or she is looking for. With them you have an opportunity to choose the most suitable writer or editor for your project based on the factors that are most important to you, be it experience in a particular field of knowledge, the price per page, urgency, or everything altogether. 

Services: Writology provides 

  • SEO Writing
  • Corporate communication
  • Public relations
  • Journalistic Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Corporate history
  • Book report
  • Children’s books
  • Articles Writing
  • Business Memo
  • Newspaper articles
  • Novel writing
  • Business writing
  • Business news
  • Nonfictional prose
  • Periodic publications
  • Book review
  • Publishing houses
  • Club newsletters
  • Daily newspapers
  • Rewriting

Pricing: You have to place an order to request a quote.

Writology pricing calculator


Phone: +1 (888) 296-4616

Email: [email protected]

You can also reach through the Contact Form or request a callback.

Website: www.writology.com


20-Thrive Agency

Thrive agency logo

Thrive is a full-service digital marketing agency. They have been providing a wide range of services to clients of all industries since 2005.

Services: Their digital marketing services include consulting and management options for a variety of online marketing tactics including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, Amazon store optimization, copywriting conversion rate optimization (CRO), and more.

They also offer expert web design and development services for both eCommerce and B2B companies.

Pricing: For a pricing quote contact Thrive Agency through the form on their Contact page.

Contact: Thrive agency can be contacted through their Contact Us form.

Website: www.thriveagency.com


21- Media Shower

media shower logo: content writing services

Media Shower offers its content writing services to big names like Intuit, Mint and TMPLR. They even offer to write a free article for you.

Services: All kind of content to bring traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Pricing: Media shower has a monthly subscription model with three marketing plans. Basic, Plus and Pro.

Media shower pricing package: content writing services

Contact: Media shower can be contacted through their Contact Us page

Phone number: +1-617-564-3443

Website: www.mediashower.com


22- Copy Press

Copy press logo: content writing services

CopyPress is your turnkey solution for generating, promoting, and scaling content tied to your marketing initiatives. Agencies, enterprise and mid-market companies all count on CopyPress to produce high-quality, targeted content for their brands.

Services: They provide content writing, content promotion and custom designing services.

They can write blog posts, resource articles, product descriptions, ebooks and white papers to designing infographics, illustrations and videos.

You can book a free strategy call with them.

Pricing: To get a quote for your desired piece of content. You have to fill an order form.

Contact: Copy Press can be contacted through their Contact Us page.

Website: www.copypress.com


23- Articlez– Academic Content Writing Services


Articlez logo: content writing services


At Articlez, you can experience the highest quality content that their team of American writers deliver to Over 20,000 Businesses and Individuals Every Month.

Articlez provides help in academic writing as well.


At Articlez you can hire a writer to…

  • Write your ebook.
  • Create highly detailed content for your blog or website.
  • Write college level elite content.
  • Write a press release for your business.
  • Write content for general-purpose article marketing.
  • Create a custom project just for you.

Pricing: The pricing page is as follows.


Articlez pricing packages: content writing services

Contact: Article can be contacted through their contact us form.

Website: www.articlez.com


24- SEO Article Writing PROS



SEO Article writing pros logo: content writing services


Today, we need custom content to succeed online. We need articles, blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, and more!

The team of SEO Article Writing PROS team of Professional Content Writers & Copywriters can complete any custom writing project based on your specific needs.

They provide content for virtually every niche market and business type around!


  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Website contents
  • Ebooks and e-reports
  • Social media posts

Pricing: To get a free pricing quote, enter your details in order from here. They will get back to you soon.

Contact: You can email them through a contact form

Phone number: 1-888-715-1458

Website: www.seoarticlewritingpros.com


25- Hire Writers.Com

Hire writers logo: content writing services

Content writing company promises to provide you with your desired piece of content in as little as 3 hours.

You only pay for an article if you are totally satisfied with it. They have pre-screened thousands of writers to ensure you get the highest quality results within hours.

Services: Any type of custom content can be written. Hire writers also provide data entry and transcription services as well.

Pricing: They have a detailed pricing table at their pricing page. Below is a glimpse of it.

Hire writers pricing package: content writing services

Contact: Send Hire Writers.Com an email through the contact form.

Website: www.hirewriters.com


26- Contenfy


Contenfy logo: content writing services


Contenfy helps you Increase your website traffic, attract and convert your target audience through high-quality blog content.

Their authors have been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Kissmetrics, Wired and entrepreneur.

Pricing: Contefy has three plans from $59 per month to $399 per month. Further details about pricing can be found here.

Services: They only support blog posts at the moment

Contact: No contact page

Website: www.contenfy.com


Content Writing Services: FAQs


What is a content writer?

A content writer is someone who writes a piece of text whether it be an article, blog post, newspaper article, social media posts, ad copy etc for others as a job and get paid for it.


What does a content writer do?

The content writer performs research on the topic given, craft the initial draft according to the client’s need, makes the revisions if necessary and send the article for final publication.


How to choose vet out the best content writer or an agency for your self?

This is a huge challenge at first. My recommendations are as follows.

Freelancer or a content creation company, whatever you go for, do your due research. Initially, you have to give a couple of freelancers or companies a try to find out which one’s writing styles resonate with you the most and then stick with them. 

When it comes to outsourcing to a freelancer: 

1- Ask for a portfolio. It is good if they have been published earlier that adds authority to their skills but I believe you should give new freelancers a try as well. Give them a topic and ask to write in a given time period then evaluate their skills, creativity and styles.

2- Provide preliminary research for each project. It’s best to provide the writer with some initial outline of the article. It will help the writer understand your format and writing style. You can direct the writer to some reading resources as well.

For my blog posts, I perform keyword research and SERP analysis myself and provide my writers with a Google Docs document in the following or similar format. 

The title of blog

Minimum Word Count of the Article: 

Focus Keyphrase:

Main H2 Headings: 


Also, don’t micromanage writers. Give them some space to show their creativity. You can always ask for revisions of the first draft.

Always Compensate Even If You Don’t Hire A Writer: 

This is crucial. Always compensate writers for test samples to their usual charges. In the case of PRO writers, you don’t need them to write a test. They must have a portfolio of published articles somewhere else. Those must be enough to evaluate their writing styles. 

If you are trying out a complete newbie, it is ok to ask for a writing test but always pay the writer for that even if you don’t like it and don’t want to work with them.

You will not ask a plumber to fix your toilet to see if they are good at it. Same goes with the writer.

Professional writers make living by writing. Never ask them to write for free to prove their capabilities.

How to do content writing?

To perform content writing you should select your niche first. The niche should be of your interest as it is difficult to write on something you don’t like. Secondly, you should be well versed on the subject and try to keep yourself updated.


How to be a good writer?

Some people have a natural talent for writing well. If you are one of those writers, congratulations. If not then don’t worry, we are in the same league. To be a good writer you have to continuously read a lot on the subject you want to write on. Reading widens your horizons, improves your vocabulary and gives you more ideas by unlocking new doors of thinking to you. As a result, you become a good writer.


How to write an article or a blog post?

As a freelance writer, you might be given a topic by your client to write for. Writing any article begins with the keyword research. I have covered this topic in every detail in my blogging guide for beginners. Head over to it to learn more about keyword research.

The keyword research tool that I recommend is SEM Rush. They have got a 14-day free trial.

Each blog post should focus on one main target keyword which should be included in:

  • The blog’s permanent URL.
  • The title of your post.
  • In the first paragraph.
  • In your H2 headings.
  • Within the content, 5-8 times, depending on the post’s length.
  • In your meta description (optional).

Once you have a list of the top 5-10 keywords (topics) you want to cover, it’s a good idea to start writing.

Also, in addition to text, blog posts that have audio, video, photos, and other types of visual content, along with textual content, perform the best.


How to start freelance writing?

To be a freelance writer, there are several freelancing platforms, like, Fiverr, Upwork, flex jobs, Iwriter, Contenfy, Textmaster etc. You may run a google search and can find many freelancing platforms. I have written an article on how you can work remotely as a freelancer.

Give this piece of content a thorough reading and you will get to know how you can get started as a freelance writer and get the job you have dreamed of.


How to get unique articles for free? 

You can easily get unique articles for free by allowing guest posting on your website. You can also have contributing columnist for your site who can regularly contribute to your blog or site and in return, they can have one or two do-follow links to their businesses.


Grammarly: Is this Grammar checker worth it?

Grammarly is the best grammar checking tool out there. Grammarly’s AI-powered applications help people communicate more effectively. Millions of users rely on Grammarly every day to make their messages, documents, and social media posts clear, mistake-free, and impactful

Grammarly’s sophisticated AI not only corrects your grammatical mistakes but also makes your writing more understandable and helps you make the right impression on the reader based on your audience and goals. In addition, Grammarly is able to check the tone of your correspondence, provide synonym suggestions to make your text more readable and precise, and even check your documents for plagiarism. With Grammarly, you can rest assured that your writing is always held to the highest standard.

Grammarly has a Free and two Paid Plans. Paid plans start from $11.66 per month. Grammarly supports teams of up to 149 members. Start using Grammarly for free.


Let’s Wrap It Up:


I was scared to ask somebody else to write for me as I always thought how can anybody understand my side of the story and craft it the way I wanted.

But as soon as I found and teamed up with the right content creators, not only I got the content written my way but also my web traffic increased, improving my monthly revenue three folds in two short months.

Content Cucumber is recommended as you can get as much content as you want to be written every month for one monthly flat fee. They offer an excellent one on one customer support and have a friendly website user interface.

I have done my part of the research about top content writing services for my readers in this article. Over to you now.

Think, Research, Plan, Outsource and Grow.

Umama Batool Qazi is a contributing columnist @Socialnomics, blogger @UBQ Digital Marketing, content creator and a Pinterest geek. She helps her clients achieve online success by creating valuable content and planning their Pinterest strategy.

To connect feel free to drop her a message at Twitter @DigitalUbq or email at [email protected]