Dental Marketing: 19 Free Social Media Tips for Dentists

Mar 31, 2020

Being a full-time dentist and learning social media marketing at the same time has unveiled the potential digital world have for dentists in terms of marketing, promotion and revenue generation.

Dentistry is expensive. Be it studying it as a student or opening up your own dental practice. Even getting dental treatment done can cost you a fortune.

Opening up a dental practice can cost you half a million dollars. This money can be arranged through banks.

But the bank does not arrange patients. SOCIAL MEDIA CAN….

In this article, I have covered how my fellow dentists can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote their dental practices, drive-in more patients and thus earn more revenue.

I have jotted down some free and easy tips which you can follow on your own without hiring any social media advertiser or agency.

Dental Marketing: free social media posts for dentists

What Is Dental Marketing?

By dental marketing, I mean online dental marketing which is simply promoting your dental practice or clinic using social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and Google Search Engine Optimization.

Why There Is A Need For Dental Marketing?

That’s a good question.

When starting out as a dentist you must have heard that,

“Oh Dentists!!! they earn a lot”


“Dentists make a heck a lot of money” 


“Dentist are richhhhh ”

But we all know, that’s not the case. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to get a private dental practice established and running (usually 5 to 10 years at least). More time to bring in the patients, to win their trust and to get known in the neighbourhood.

It (used to be) a Painstaking, Long and Slow journey.

Yes, you have read it right. IT USED TO BE

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

The question is how is that possible…….

Because this is a Dot Com era,  this is an era of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube,

This is an era of social media which has disrupted the world of marketing and advertising.

It has introduced newer promotional strategies which are

  • simpler,
  • cheaper,
  • hyper-targeted,
  • more effective,
  • accessible to everyone
  • and can bring faster results

You just have to be smart … ……

Here are some stats for you.

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform right now There are 2.4 billion active monthly users.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users with 500 million daily users and

Twitter has 500 million active users.

According to statistics, on average, each user spends 2 hours daily at minimum scrolling down their news feeds.

Yes, 2 HOURS !!!!!

Now here is our question.

  • How many people do you know who read newspapers for 2 hours daily?


  • You may know someone who keeps sitting listening to the radio for 2 hours?


  • Reading billboards on the road for 2hours.

the answer is NO ONE!

So, why not employ the mediums for advertising which are, way cheaper than banners, brochures, billboards, radio ads, newspaper ads etc.

Which are already in the hands of almost all of your prospective patients which they are using on a daily basis.

We have performed a brief survey of google listings and social media accounts dental clinics and found out that either dentists are not using social media at all.


Those who are using it, not utilizing it smartly. Most of them are making tiny mistakes which eventually pile up, making their social media platforms less useful.

So I decided to help you out………

What You Will Find In This Dental Marketing Blueprint?

social media tips for dentists

In this dental marketing blueprint I have provided some of the best, tested and free social media tips for dental practice owners which they can implement themselves without paying a single penny to any social media manager or consultant and 10X their income in few weeks by attracting more patients.

This how-to online dental marketing guide has been written for you,

If you are a Dentist and have your own private practice(s),


You are a dentist who is working at somebody else’s clinic as an employee


You aren’t a dentist but have a dental setup (clinic or a hospital) as an investor/partner or shareholder.

In one way or other, this blueprint is important for you if the income from any of the above source affects you.

If you follow these steps correctly, you will

  • Immediately improve your online presence,

  • Make your social media pages standout from the crowd,

  • Get more organic engagement (likes, shares and comments)

  • Improve your Google Search Engine Listing…… etc

Dental Marketing: Free Social Media Tips For Dentists

social media tips for dentists : dental marketing

There are tens of Social Networking Platforms out there. All of them are useful depending on what business you are in.

As a Dental Practice Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are Enough.

When you have mastered in these three, only then move to other lesser important ones.

NOTE: To avoid repetition, we have given general guidelines which are common to all platforms. Recommendations specific to any platform are markedly mentioned.

1- Get your Dental Practice Listed On Google For Free.

google logo : dental marketing

If you want your practice to appear in Google search results when someone searches for dental clinics in your city(area), do claim your clinic’s listing on Google.

Google does this for you for FREE.

In this way, people can easily see your clinic’s address, timings and contact number. They can post reviews as well.

It is the best way to boost your local presence and stand out of the crowd. here

Search for “Google My Business” on Google and follow the steps.

2- Setup Social Media Accounts For Your
Dental Practice On Facebook, Instagram And Twitter.


You need to create a Facebook Fan Page for your Dental Clinic through your personal account.

Go to your Facebook’s Personal Account’s Home page.

Click CREATE (at top navigation bar) — Select PAGE.

Follow Facebook’s instructions.

facebook home screenshot

Twitter and Instagram:

Setup Two accounts on each Instagram and Twitter

One is your personal and Second is in the name of your practice.

NOTE: If you don’t own the practice and working as an employee use your personal account to promote dental practice.

3- What Should Be In Your Profile Photo And Cover Photo? 

profile photo and cover photo: free social media posts for dentists

Personal Account:

  • Profile Photo

This should be a closeup of your face, randomly shot, looking straight towards the camera.

Don’t forget to smile.

  • Cover Photo

You can add any picture, it is up to you.

Clinic’s Account:

  • Profile Photo:

For the clinic’s account, you can insert the logo of your clinic (You should have one), or you may add inside picture of your practice with YOU in it.

  • Cover Photo

For cover photo it is best to add:

  • Your clinic
  • Its waiting area
  • Video testimonials of patients
  • Brand story of your clinic etc

4- Write And Design Engaging Posts:


design engaging posts: social media tips for dentists

This is most interesting for those of you who think they are not creative and can never do graphic designing.

You will change your mindset after having a look at this website.

canva logo                                                           

This website is MAGIC….

You can design whatever you want.

From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts to Ads, LinkedIn banners, Logos, Letterheads,  Business cards …. etc.

You name it and CANVA has it for you.

The website is self-explanatory. It has design tutorials. Go watch them. Play around a little and you will be startled by the hidden graphic designer in you.

5- Easy Way To Design A Post:

canva post designing software software

Speaking about your clinic’s social media accounts, we advise posting 3 to 4 times per week per account. That makes 9 to 12 good posts every 7 days. It can be a scary number for a Dentist, who has other important stuff on his/her hands as well.

So if you are very tight on time, here is the bonus tip.

  • Look for the good, epic and congruent content for posts
  • Make ONE Facebook post.
  • Resize the SAME post for Instagram and Twitter using Canva
  • Change colours if you want to.
  • Post it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter simultaneously.

That means instead of 9 -12 new posts every week you simply have to make 3 or 4 per week.

6- Real Human Faces Sell:   

Nobody wants to open a Facebook page of a dental clinic and watch cartoons and zombies jumping around…. Do you???

Real Human Faces Sell…Avoid posting content having cartoons and animations.

Such features might work for other businesses but not for a health care practice serious to market their services.

That’s because cartoons and 3D videos are considered LIFELESS and LESS APPEALING.

Smiling human face looking straight to the camera will ALWAYS attract more followers.

That’s Human Psychology…!!!

7- Leverage The Power Of Videos:

man making video

Social media is one of the best ways to drive brand awareness, because even if only one of your fans or followers shares your content, you may be exposed to a whole new target audience.

Videos prove to be the most effective way to encourage sharing. They keep the user glued to screen for a while and transfer the message in a more efficient manner.

Video generates 1,200% more shares on social media than text and image combined. 

So what videos you can post

  • Record short videos during the procedure.
  • Record small post-treatment video clips and post on your social media pages. Videos with reviews improve your authority.
  • You can post fun content regarding dentistry on your pages as well. People want to see the lighter side of you.
  • Once you have a substantial following, try going live on Facebook once in a while. It might be a Q&A session with your followers. It has unique features for audience engagement, such as real-time commenting and live reactions that allow you and your viewers to interact.

8- Use Hashtags Wisely:

photo of hashtag

Nowadays hashtags are everywhere. You see them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Hashtags are useful as they can,
  • Expand your content reach,
  • Amplify your brand and products,
  • Get your content found,
  • Improve your SEO ranking etc.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. We recommend you should insert a minimum of 10 hashtags per post.

Try to use a variety of hashtags. Don’t copy, paste and use the same hashtags every time.

Instagram especially tracks down your # and if you use the same #, again and again, it will push your post down in the news feed, less likely to be found and bring engagement.

Below are the two free websites which will help you generate # with one click and track their data.

9- Optimize Your Hashtags on Instagram

optimizing instagram hashtags

First using the above-mentioned websites try to find the relevant hashtags.

Once you’ve found the selection of relevant hashtags, it’s important to consider the volume of posts for each one.

If a hashtag has too many posts and is too popular, your Instagram post will be buried amongst the masses in seconds; if a hashtag is too small then you likely won’t gain any engagement at all.
For a safe middle-ground, aim for hashtags with between 10k-200k posts. This should indicate that there’s some activity around the hashtag, but not so much that it will instantly drown out your content.

And once you’ve discovered your base hashtags, it’s also worth experimenting with a few high volumes and low volume hashtags in the mix.

Niche hashtags can often have a super loyal following while trending hashtags can give your content an instant boost. You can add a few popular ones, a few niche ones, and then keep the majority of your hashtags around the sweet spot of 10-200k.

When it comes to the right blend of hashtags, each business has its own unique formula. But with some trial and error, you’ll be able to discover exactly what works for your brand.

10-  Use The Website Link In The Bio Of Instagram And Twitter.

bio link of instagram and twitter

Instagram and Twitter both allow you to insert one link of any website or social media page in your bio section. It’s a clickable URL which can be used to promote your Clinic’s Pages.

What can you link to your Bio?

  • Link to your clinic’s website. That can be directed to the main landing page, to an offer, contact page, about page etc.
  • Link of your Clinic’s any other social media page.
  • Link to any specific Facebook post or video.

Keep changing the links often

In this way, you can drive your Instagram and Twitter followers to your Facebook page and Website.

11- What Is The Best Time To Post On Any Social Media Platform?

women holding a clock

Is there really the best time to post on social media?

Yes. The best time to post on social media is whenever your audience is most likely to see and engage with your content. A well-timed post can lead to more likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs.

Engagement on any post is Time Sensitive……

According to statistics, people usually check their social media feeds between 9 am to 5 pm. Try to post within this time.

Posting at 12 am-midnight will not bring you much value. Fewer people are awake at this time and even less are checking their news feed.

By 9 o’clock next morning when people have their phones in their hands your post will be pushed at the bottom of the newsfeed as it is older now hence less engagement will be seen.

12- What Are The Best Days To Post On Any Social Media Platform?

weekly calender

Several researches have been conducted. Weekdays are found to be the best days to post your content.

Instagram posts can show engagement on weekends as well.

So plan your posts accordingly. You can post at different times and days of the week and then see yourself when the most engagement happens. Then stick to that day and time.

13- What Should Be The Posting Frequency?

photo showing ecg lineWhy you should determine how often you should post. There are two reasons.

1- By posting less often people will forget you.

2- Posting more often will crowd the news feed of your followers with your posts. If the content is not useful you might start losing the followers.

There are many articles out there which can guide you about how often you should post. We have summarized how often any dental practice should post on their business page.

  • Facebook & Instagram: 3 to 4 times per week is enough.
  • Twitter: up to 3 to 5 times a day. You can post more if you want to.

14- What Is Post Congruency?

Please do not discuss Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and other political crap and local community issues on your Clinic’s Pages.

Better Stay Neutral.

You don’t want to piss off your followers /patients with your opinions and irrelevant posts.

Confine such content to your personal accounts. Post just dentistry related content on the business page. This is called Post Congruency

15- Engage With Your Audience.

social media engagementIt is vital to respond to every single person who shows any kind of activity on your clinic’s page.

Send a Thankyou message if they have liked any of your posts.

Reply back to their comments even if they have sent a single emoji.

If they have given a bad review for any reason, apologize publicly on the page.

Inbox them, call them to find out what the problem was. If it’s your fault, compensate it in the best way possible.

16- Engage With Other Social Media Influencers Of The Dental Profession.

social media influencer

A few dentists in your area, city and country are usually very renowned. They have nice flashy private practices. They are active on social media and have a very good following.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t know them.


  • Follow them and their business accounts.
  • Show some activity on their pages. Like, comment and share their posts.
  • Look what content they are posting on their pages.
  • How are they interacting with their patients?
  • What deals or discounts they are offering.

Try to replicate what they are doing. 

To be successful you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t always have to come up with something of your own. Watch closely and simply simulate the way others have gotten success. You will get it too.


17- Get Reviews And Testimonials From Your Patients.

Reviews and testimonials are considered social proof. They bring you credibility and authority. Such reviews and testimonials can be given by any of your happy patients but if you have any public figure, celebrity or any other renowned personality coming to your clinic.


You can post your pictures with them at your clinic (of course with their permission),

Request them to post a review on your social media pages /Google.

You can record a short video with them while they are in your clinic asking for their opinion about your services.

18- Send Emails: Remind Your Patients That You Are Here.

image showing emails: dental office

Emails are considered the lifeline of any business. Try to build an email list of all of your patients. The question is what you can send to your email list.

  • Appointment reminders
  • Any new addition to your clinics’ services.
  • Offers. deals, discounts
  • Informative stuff e.g. blogs and videos about teeth whitening, flossing and brushing techniques etc.
  • Reviews and testimonials of patients.
  • Updates about your social media platforms (how many followers, the time when you are going live, the link of the post with highest engagement etc.)


19- Special Tips For Dental Clinics Who Already Have A Website.

personal computer with screen on: dental social media

This section is for practices who already have a website or who are planning to have one in the near future. Make sure you or your web developer double check your website for following points.

  • Clinic’s Phone Number, Work hours and Address should be clearly mentioned on the home page, above the fold i.e. before scrolling.
  • Clinic’s address should be clickable i.e. it should be directly linked to Google Maps.
  • Make sure your website should be optimized for all devices i.e. mobile, desktop and tablets. It necessary as the majority of the people browse on other than desktop as well.
  • If you have a Facebook page, request your web developer to install Facebook pixel on your website.
  • Too much text, too small font size and odd colour combinations repel the visitor. Make sure your website is not making these mistakes.
  • Again no cartoons and 3D animations. Please.
  • Get your brand story made in video format by some professional videographer and embed on the home page of your website

Dental Marketing: Leveraging Paid Promotions and Advertisement

advertisement banner

Business Social Media accounts bring more engagement and revenue when the activity is controlled, wisely scheduled, and highly engaging.

Social media has the potential to increase revenue by 100-folds and beyond with very little investment and in a very short duration of time.

You can take help of paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram etc if you want to scale your clinic’s business quickly. Sponsored campaigns if ran wisely can bring amazing results.

This way you not only generate return but you can build an Email List which is considered as an essential asset for retargeting your previous patients through ads and email marketing.

Paid promotion may include, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads. Google PPC, native ads etc. Such ads are hyper-targeted which means these platforms allow you to focus on potential patients in your geographical location only.

You can run these ads by yourself as well. There are lots of blogs and tutorials on youtube etc. If you find it daunting, we are always here to help you out. Just write to us here and I will personally answer you in 2 to 3 business days.

Let’s Wrap it up:

Through my experience as a practising dentist and as a social media marketer, in this dental marketing guide, I have tried my best to provide my fellow dentists with the value which can help them to book more patients and increase their revenue fastly.

P.S: Do you know what If I could help you grow your health practice through social media marketing? Yeah, that’s right. I offer special consultancy services to help you advertise your health practice in your location using google and all popular social media platforms.

Our clients have seen tremendous results in 3 short months and have 10X their monthly revenues.

If you will work with me, I will make sure that your goals and expectations are met in the best possible way. Find out more information here.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Image Sources: All images have been taken from free sources i.e. Pixabay, Canva Pro and from Google search with the filter applied (labelled for reuse with modification)

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